Oct 25, 2015

Another Consumer Retort

OK, it’s time to get your feedback on a subject important to all of us trombone players; Instrument upkeep and accessories. I’d like to hear your preferences on slide lubricants, mutes, practice and otherwise, valve oils, tuners, metronomes, cases, gig bags, cleaning tools and all things we use in playing.

I will report the findings as soon as I get a representative response from my readers. If you have an interesting combination setup on your instrument, submit that too. For example, concerning slide lubricant, years ago I was told the best way to apply slide cream is to first coat the inner slide, then work the outer slide over the inner slide rapidly, coating the inside of the outer slide. Then completely wipe clean the inner slide, add water to the inner slide and replace the outer slide. This way there is slide cream on the inside of the outer slide, a layer of water in-between the inner and outer slide, and no build up on the inner slide. This seems like a lot of work since the advent of liquid lubricants, but an interesting method none the less. I’d like to hear of any labor intensive ways of lubricating slides that folks hang on to for old times sake.

A bit of news. I was thinking one morning about tuning slides on bells and the critical function they serve. I wondered; if the tuning slide determines how well a bell plays, it follows that the slide crook could determine how well a slide blows, since it would function as a tuning slide for the slide, although not moveable. I shared this theory with Noah Gladstone of Brassark, he started to investigate and had some prototypes made which are still in the test stage but look very promising. His leadpipes are the standard of the industry as far as custom made accessories are concerned. More on this as testing progresses.

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