Feb 8, 2014

Consumer retorts

This month lets have some reader input on what are your opinions as far as which are the best products we use in playing. I'm thinking of things like: what is the best mute? I have to say after 50+ years of playing I still haven't found a satisfactory mute!
Of course one mute won't serve all musical needs. What about practice mutes? Cup mutes, etc? There are a glut of new products out there. Which ones have you tried and which are the best? What about slide lubricants? Valve oil? Gig bags?
Other accessories other than instruments and mouthpieces which are personal choices.

Has anyone tried and experienced the super expensive slide product from the German "Heyday's" company? A small bottle sells for $30+. I would be interested to know if it is the end all or what? Since Yamaha came out with their excellent slide lubricant, most people I know are very satisfied with it.

I'd like to know my readers opinion about which is the best alto trombone. There are now many makers producing alto trombones. Which ones have you tried and prefer? I'd especially want to know about altos not made in the US.

Also, to add my own 2 cents, I couldn't get through a winter without my "Chopsaver." It is simply the best product on the market today and can actually help cure and prevent sores on the embouchure besides keeping the lips protected.

I will compile your preferences and report on them next month. Also, from time to time I will list some of my favorite culinary items, as I like most people like to eat, (and occasionally drink.)

I'll start with a drink I sort of came up with awhile back. Jay's Chipotle Margarita. Obviously this drink is for folks over the legal drinking age!

• Juice of one large lemon</li><li>Juice of one large lime
• one tablespoon of agave syrup, or sugar (more or less to taste)
• two ounces fresh squeezed orange juice
• two ounces tequila</li><li>one ounce orange liqueur
• half teaspoon (or more) chipotle canned adobo sauce

Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice, shake furiously and strain into a salt rimmed glass


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