Nov 10, 2015

The Results Are In!

Even though I only had 3 responses, (what’s wrong with you people!) they were valuable. (Names are anonymous to protect the innocent.)

Retort No. 1-
Slide lube: Superslick cream & Plus oil (applied in a manner similar to what you describe in your article. I've tested this approach and other products, perhaps not in robust scientific quantifiable slide after using Great Slide.
Mutes: Wallace (plus others for jazz), these are heavy mutes but the sound quality and control is great. Metronome/tuner: Korg TM-40 (the small buttons are difficult; apps for phone work well)
Gig bag: I would not touch one, my slide works well and I'll keep it that way.
Trombone stand: K&M.

Retort No. 2-
1. Neotech Trombone Grip.
2. H.W. Brass Saver Trombone brush. The grip provides left hand comfort and the brush is effective and non-abrasive.

Retort No. 3-
Slide Lubricants – Yamaha Slide Lubricant, nothing better, long-lasting, ease of application.
Mutes – Wallace PERIOD! Straight, Cup, Practice, Harmon style no other mutes compare with these in quality, sound quality, intonation.
Valve Oils – Al Cass for rotor valves, Hetman synthetic no. 12 for all other valve types.
Tuning Slide Lube – Ultra-Pure Oils – Regular – Great stuff makes even the most difficult tuning slide move with ease.
Tuners – Peterson IStrobosoft – available at the app store. Works on iphones and ipads Well worth the $9.99. For Androids gstrings app is great for FREE!
Metronomes – Dr Beat PERIOD.
Cases – Hard Shell Marcus Bonna, expensive but it’s lightweight and strong as can be made.
Gig Bags – Reunion Blues single, Cronkhite Double – holds 2 tenors or tenor and alto. Superb!
Cleaning Tools – Aluminum Slide Cleaning Rod, Mouthpiece brush, Flexible snake with brush, Yamaha Lacquer Polish, Wrights Brass Cleaner, A small sized ultrasonic cleaner used to clean mouthpieces, valve parts. Cheese cloth, microfiber car cleaning towels, Roche-Thomas Mi-T-Mist mouthpiece sanitizer.
Mouthpiece buzzer – David O’Neill’s BuzzzMaster – gives the correct amount of resistance.

From Jay:
PS - I tried the Great Slide products, and I have to report they radically improved the action of my slides. I am not a spokesman for these products but the results were impressive. Check out their website,

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